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At Your Service Legal provides high quality low-cost legal services (legal document preparation, process serving, and mobile notary) to all of California.

We offer personal and professional service. The legal services that you require will be tailored to your specific needs. You can rest assured that whatever your need may be, At Your Service Legal will work quickly and efficiently for you.

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What is a Legal Document Assistant?

California law authorizes non-attorneys called “Legal Document Assistants” to prepare forms for consumers who wish to handle their own business and legal affairs.

Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) are trained professionals who assist self-represented persons prepare and file court documents. Like paralegals, LDAs have training and educational requirements. Unlike paralegals, who are prohibited by Business & Professions code section 6450 from assisting or contracting with consumers directly, an LDA works for the public.

LDAs are required to be bonded and must register with the County Clerk in the counties in which they do business. LDAs are prohibited from giving legal advice, however they are expressly authorized by the Business and Professions Code 6400 et seq. to provide attorney-prepared or attorney-approved information to consumers so that consumers can make their own intelligent legal decisions.